V55 Hammer

For over 35 years, Tramac has earned its reputation for designing and producing the highest-quality breakers in the business. We've listened to our customers in the demolition, aggregate stone, and mining industries, and built all our models with their needs in mind. Tramac's full range of powerfully-constructed, adaptable breakers provide consistently high production, unsurpassed reliability, low maintenance, long working life, and innovative features.

There's a Tramac breaker for every application and every carrier.

What you get with a Tramac:

  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio – lighter breakers that require lighter, less costly carriers but produce the same output as competitors' heavier models.
  • Slim, tapered profile for improved work area visibility and easier maneuvering in trenches and tight spaces.
  • Unique tall, narrow piston that generates more productive shockwaves.
  • Fully hydraulic principle of operation – the entire piston cycle is powered hydraulically.
  • Sealed accumulator that prevents nitrogen leakage; guaranteed for one full year – the longest charge life in the industry.
  • "Soft Start" feature allowing the operator to start in a low-impact mode, to establish a niche in hard material--prevents tool slippage, reducing equipment wear and increasing productivity.
  • Metro-Silenced versions available for most models – ideal for noise-sensitive work sites.
  • High resale value.

Three weight ranges to suit every situation:

Light Range (for skid steer loaders, loader backhoes, and mini excavators from 1,400 to 30,000 lbs.)
Medium Range (for large loader backhoes and mid size excavators from 14,000 to 56,000 lbs.)
Heavy Range
(for medium to large excavators from 40,000 to 166,000 lbs.)

Hammer bolt patterns


Tramac is a charter member of MBMB, the Mounted Breaker Manufacturer's Bureau, a division of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). We fully support AEM's new industry-wide Tool Energy Rating system for hydraulic breakers, which we helped develop along with other MBMB members. This system allows buyers to compare important specifications from different manufacturers, knowing that the measurements were made using consistent methods and equipment monitored and controlled by AEM.