Tramac's new MPR Series of Demolition Multiprocessors reshapes the way you approach any concrete/steel demolition and recycling job! Do it all with just one attachment and its range of quickly interchangeable jaws for cracking and pulverizing concrete, processing rebar, and cutting steel beams and sheet steel.

MPR attachments are amazingly compact, fitting into tight spots with ease, and feature hydraulic 360° rotation, a tough design for long life, and high cutting power combined with speed. The extensive range of models will fit just about any of today's popular excavators.
Excavator weight: 3.9 - 77 US tons

Design Features:

  • Rapidly interchangeable jaws designed to complete the whole job --
    - CC (for primary concrete and reinforced concrete demolition)
    - CB (combination jaw for reinforced concrete and steel beam demolition)
    - ST (steel shear jaw for rebar and steel beam cutting)
    - PV (pulverizing jaw for secondary reinforced concrete demolition)
    - TK (tank jaw for cutting steel tank walls and steel sheets)
  • Compact size
  • Full 360° hydraulically-powered rotation; rotation braking on Models 25 and higher.
  • Tough, well-engineered design for long, trouble free working life: MPR Multiprocessors are made entirely of Hardox 400. Rotating elements and hydraulic cylinders are completely protected, all fasteners and hydraulic connectors are of highest quality.
  • Optimum cutting power, with a single central axle for greater efficiency.
  • Speed valve for quicker working cycles.

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