Tramac XS Scrap and Demolition Shears


Tramac's XS range of Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shears features full and continuous 360° powered rotation. It is an extraordinarily advanced, powerful tool for processing almost any type of material in scrap yards and demolition sites. The XS shears combine extreme versatility, strength, efficiency, and durability, and are available in models suitable for a wide range of carrier sizes.

Applications: Cutting, demolition and processing of steel structures, vehicles, rail cars and rails, ships, tanks, large tires, cable and steel wire, concrete with heavy rebar, general industrial and mixed scrap.

Carrier: Designed for carriers 22,000 lbs. and up

Design Features:

  • 360° continuous, powered rotation allows quick, precise access to every working position. The large slewing ring allows heavy loads to be handled with the shear in a horizontal position.
  • Power cylinder is completely protected throughout its cycle by advanced design, and lubricated via the piston rod.
  • Oversized shear-arm main bearing minimizes wear to the pin and bushing.
  • Construction is of the toughest, highest-quality materials: wear-resistant, fine grain steel make up the shear arm, the reinforcement/wear plates, and the main housing.
  • Highly productive cutter blade design: the elements of the cutting blades work together to make short work of piercing and cutting thin-walled objects like tanks, vehicles, chassis, etc. The front and side cutters are configured to minimize shear arm jamming.
  • Main cutters can be turned four times.

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