M Series Multiprocessor


Tramac's silent demolition attachments offer the advanced design, adaptability and super-tough construction needed for the broad spectrum of demolition jobs in the industry today.

On-site crushing and pulverizing of concrete, steel shearing, and cutting and separation of rebar ... all are handled with speed, strength, and energy-efficiency by our range of demolition tools.

  • MPR Series Demolition Multiprocessor - the cutting edge of demolition: Tramac's new range of 360° hydraulic-rotational, compact-size processors with a full range of quickly interchangeable jaws that demolish and process reinforced concrete structures and steel beams and sheets for recycling. Does the whole job with one attachment, with speed and power to spare!

  • PFH Series Demolition Shears - new heavy-duty shielding protexts cylinder rod. Superior for cracking and shearing heavily reinforced concrete beams and panels--ideal for a wide range of jobs.

  • PBH Series Crusher/Pulverizer - new speed valve creates faster cycle time. The valve develops a jaw closing time of 0.9 seconds, dramatically increasing production. Designed for rapid, complete on-site processing of concrete masses. The range of models can handle thicknesses from 24" to 36" in one operation--and then shear and bundle rebar for disposal.

  • BB Mechanical Pulverizer - featuring the highest power-to-weight ratio on the market today! Uniquely designed and configured jaws and teeth crush concrete in two directions simultaneously. At the same time, rebar is separated and bundling compactly for removal.

  • Super Cosmo Magnetic Pulverizer - highly productive concrete pulverizer with powerful built-in electro magnet: crush debris down to clean aggregate and gather 100% of rebar for recycling, all in one fast operation!