Tramac's TCH series of high-production, low-noise rotating double-drum rock cutting attachments are an alternate approach to concrete demolition and controlled excavation. They are particularly useful on sites where noise and vibration levels must be minimized.

Application: Precise excavation of soft to medium-hard rock and concrete in trenching, scaling and tunneling operations.
Carrier: Designed for carriers from 3,300 to 143,000 lbs.

Design features:

  • Optimum production in diverse applications:
    - allows accurate profiling of rock and concrete in trenching and tunneling applications
    - gives excellent results in scaling walls and ceilings in underground mines and quarries
    - eliminates hand-finishing in tunnel profiling
    - permits controlled excavation around existing services in trenching operations
  • Minimum noise and vibration make TCH units preferable for sites where environmental factors make blasting and hydraulic breaking inadvisable.
  • Rotary head cutting teeth are durable and replaceable. Tooth sizes and lacing patterns can be altered to suit rock excavation, demolition, and scaling jobs.
  • Uniform fill material is efficiently produced by the rotary cutters which can be used for backfill in trenching operations.
  • Fast, simple installation: TCH units are powered by the excavator’s hydraulic circuit and are easily interchangeable with other attachments.

 TCH Literature Download (pdf format)